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An Aussie backyard with trees and bushes

We'll set up the best garden watering system for you and your needs.

A thriving green lawn and garden

A well designed irrigation system is a must have addition for beautiful, low maintenance gardens that can potentially free up hours of your time that are better spent on leisure activities! 


At Summer Retic we can set up an automatic sprinkler system to take care of the watering for you – even when you're off on holiday!

Our Services

sprinkler setup icon

Sprinkler Setup

We are irrigation experts and will take care of designing and installing a garden watering system that fits your needs.

Irrigation improvements icon

Irrigation Improvements

Perhaps you are redesigning your backyard or you already have some sprinklers but your garden reticulation could be a whole lot better? 

Rericulation repairs icon

Reticulation Repairs

From fixing leaky pipes to upgrading wiring and bores, we know how to get your reticulation into tip top shape when things aren’t working well.

Property peace-of-mind icon

Property Peace-of-Mind

We can organise regular and timed seasonal checkups of your sprinkler system to make sure your garden stays green when you’re out of town.

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