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A well-watered garden hedge

Waterwise gardens, without any worry

A lush green lawn watered by a sprinkler

We know the ins and outs of garden irrigation and we love nothing more than designing the perfect watering system for your entire backyard!


We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable service and can-do attitude. We're always available for a friendly chat about anything garden or retic related, so give us a call or leave an enquiry to talk about your watering needs.

As sprinkler and water system specialists our irrigation focus is on:

Sprinkelr install icon
Home System Installation and Renovation
Urgent callout repair icon

Urgent Callout
Sprinkler Repair

Electrical diagnostic icon

Electrical and
Bore Diagnostics

Valve tracking icon

Valve Tracking
and Maintenance

Controller install icon

Controller Install, Replacement and Upgrade

Meet Daniel

Founder Daniel Pritchard started Summer Retic with over 15 years experience as an electrician and backyard irrigation specialist. With a love for the outdoors and nature, Daniel had an idea to bring quality electrical expertise and thorough maintenance to garden reticulation and set a new standard for easy garden care. 


Together with the whole team at Summer Retic, we can’t wait to help get your garden hydrated!

Image of reticulation specialist Daniel Pritchard
A manicured garden in the South West

Sprinkler Benefits

Proper irrigation is key to keeping your lawns, flower beds and veggie patches thriving throughout the year but with so many different systems and parts it can be a challenge to even get started - that’s where we come in! 


At Summer Retic we can design a watering system that works for your garden making it super easy for you to keep your plants refreshed and thriving from Summer through to Spring.


We tailor a garden watering system based on your individual requirements, taking into account various factors like garden area, available water pressure, soil, weather and budget. From there we install suitable quality components ensuring reliable and optimal delivery to each plant. This includes drip irrigation, micro sprays, pop up spray, rotary and gear driven sprinklers and more.


We design and install systems to be much more efficient and environmentally-friendly than watering by hand or hose, so book us in for a consultation to design the perfect watering system for your garden.

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