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Do you know your watering days?

bright and healthy flowers

Did you know that in Western Australia you can only water your garden on allocated watering days? There is a permanent watering day roster scheme in place across the state to help conserve water so it’s best to be aware of your turn!

You can only water your garden once on your allocated ays and your sprinklers need to be scheduled before 9am or after 6pm to help save water.

Over the spring and summer months there is a two-day sprinkler roster with specific days each week when you are able to water your garden. To find out about your allocated days head to the roster guide here.

If you’d like to take the guesswork and confusion out of managing your watering days, get in touch with us at Summer Retic. We will help design an automatic reticulation system that runs like clockwork and waters your garden only on your allocated days! Once it's all set up, your garden will stay hydrated and you won’t have to touch a thing. A sure way to save you time and money all while conserving the precious water resources of the South West!!


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